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Appeals involve all facets of the law and are not limited to certain areas. Edwards & Edwards has extensive experience in appealing cases to the Court of Appeals (including circuit, probate, chancery, and juvenile courts), the Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Tennessee Supreme Court. [back to top]

Whether a client prefers to arbitrate rather than pursue a case in court or is bound to do so by contract, Edwards & Edwards is able to represent our clients’ interests in this time and cost-efficient process. Edwards & Edwards has also been successful in litigation involving the enforcement and setting aside of arbitration provisions and in vacating arbitration awards. [back to top]

Business Law
Business law includes but is not limited to establishing or restructuring the business by setting up LLC’s, LLP’s, corporations, and partnerships. Edwards & Edwards also represents various interested parties in litigation involving the business. [back to top]

Civil Rights Violations
Harassment, assault, police misconduct, and unlawful discrimination are civil rights violations which can occur in employment, housing, education, etc. Edwards & Edwards represents clients who believe they have been victimized by such actions. [back to top]

Construction Disputes
Edwards & Edwards represents owners, developers, contractors, and suppliers in the construction process in cases involving contract performance, liens, and disputes. [back to top]

Consumer Fraud
Consumers have rights and remedies against businesses that use unethical business practices to defraud customers. Edwards & Edwards has been successful in representing clients who have been wronged in such situations. [back to top]

Criminal Defense
Edwards & Edwards has extensive experience in defending the rights of those accused of criminal acts. Edwards & Edwards handles a range of cases including, but not limited to, DUI/DWI, public intoxication, reckless driving, habitual traffic offender, vehicular assault/homicide, drug offences, assault, domestic violence, trespass, homicide, burglary, and theft. [back to top]

Family Law
Over 60% of Edwards & Edwards’s practice focuses on family law including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, adoption, termination of parental rights, guardianship proceedings, and prenuptial agreements. We have experience in complex divorce cases involving complicated valuations of businesses and assets. [back to top]

Juvenile Law
Juveniles, guardians, parents, and other family members are some of the parties Edwards & Edwards represents in juvenile court. Issues include dependent/neglect petitions, criminal charges, termination of parental rights, guardianship and custody, and petitions to establish paternity and child support. [back to top]

Personal Injury
Personal injury covers a broad spectrum of cases and can be applicable to most injuries sustained to a person’s body. Examples of personal injury are automobile accidents, slip-and-fall, premises liability, and wrongful death. [back to top]

Probate (Wills, Estates, Conservatorships)
Edwards & Edwards drafts wills, powers of attorney, living wills and trusts as well as representing clients in court proceedings involving wills, estates, and conservatorships. [back to top]

Real Estate
Mold, termites, water damage, and defective stucco are just a few issues which can arise between buyers and sellers of new or existing real estate. Edwards & Edwards represents parties involving such cases related to both improved and unimproved property, and also handles contracts to purchase and agreements to lease property. [back to top]

Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s compensation law has recently changed and is by nature complicated. Edwards & Edwards represents injured employees in all areas of industry in worker’s compensation claims and can help clients understand the law and its applications to their claims. [back to top]

Wrongful Termination
Tennessee is an at-will state meaning that an employer may release an employee for any reason except discrimination based on race, gender, or age or because a worker’s compensation claim has been filed. In such situations Edwards & Edwards represents terminated employees in claims against employers for wrongful termination. [back to top]